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CSP Management and their staff are committed to being a responsive and caring property management firm and landlord.

The landlord-tenant agreement or lease is a compact between people; one side with a property to rent, and the other who exchanges money for the use of the property.

Your lease has all the terms and fine print of whose responsibility is what, and both of you have rights. But there is more to being a tenant than that.

Renters tend to focus their energy on their tenant rights, and rightly so. But while that’s important (you certainly don’t want to be mistreated as a tenant), renters should also think about cultivating a great relationship with their landlords and neighbors. Why? Because great tenants have an upper hand when it comes to the rental process. For the whole article and all 5 tips, click here.


Brian S – regarding the Simeons Crash:  “My first reaction was it was a kind of terrorist incident – I could hear people screaming and smell smoke. I ran outside and saw the devastation. Before I really knew what was going on, Danielle from CSP called to make sure everyone was OK, and to let us  know that they had arranged alternate housing for us. This was far more than I would have ever expected!”