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Ithaca’s West Hill apartments are part of a close-knit community. Situated across the Cayuga Lake Inlet from the city center, the West Hill neighborhood has developed a unique identity and a sense of community pride that sets it apart from Ithaca’s other neighborhoods. The West Hill area is mostly suburban, enjoying views of Cayuga Lake from its tree-lined streets.

Our West Hill Apartments

CSP Management provides rental services for several apartments in the West Hill neighborhood, including:

Not all rentals are currently available. You can search for available apartments on the CSP Management Apartment Search page, or use the address listed above to fill out an application.

Where is West Hill?

The West Hill neighborhood starts on the west side of the Cayuga Lake inlet, and extends up the hill toward Mecklenberg. The neighborhood ends at the steep drop-off that runs parallel to Cliff Street/Route 96; to the north and the west, the neighborhood gives way to more open farm country. The West Hill neighborhood is close to the Inlet/Watefront neighborhood, and also the Southwest/Route 13 shopping area.

West Hill

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