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Ithaca’s Belle Sherman apartments are close to Cornell University, in a charming suburban neighborhood with curving streets and grassy yards. The Belle Sherman neighborhood has a great combination of convenience and peacefulness: minutes away from Downtown, a short walk from Collegetown, but in a more relaxed setting. This neighborhood is very popular with Cornell professors and graduate students.

Our Belle Sherman Apartments

Coal Yard Cafe near Belle Sherman Apartments
The Coal Yard Cafe, near the Belle Sherman apartments.

CSP Management provides rental services for several apartments in Belle Sherman, including:

Not all rentals are currently available. You can search for available apartments on the CSP Management Apartment Search page, or use the address listed above to fill out an application.

Where is Belle Sherman?

The Belle Sherman neighborhood is located between Route 79 and Cascadilla Gorge, with Collegetown to the west and the East Ithaca neighborhood to the east. The Six Mile Creek and South Hill neighborhoods are just south of Belle Sherman.

Belle Sherman Attractions

Bryant Park, a pocket park in the Belle Sherman Neighborhood

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