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Ithaca NY, Restaurant Row, Aurora Street, near Downtown Apartments
Restaurant Row, along South Aurora Street in Downtown Ithaca

Apartments in Ithaca’s Downtown neighborhood are among the most popular places to live in the city. Downtown residents are attracted to the energy of local restaurants, shops, and bars. Ithaca might not be a big city (yet) but on a weekend night when the weather’s nice, Downtown Ithaca packs all the bustle of a major metropolis into a few square blocks.

Our Downtown Apartments in Ithaca

CSP manages over a dozen rentals in Downtown Ithaca. Our properties include some of the newest and largest apartment buildings in the Downtown neighborhood, as well as many individual apartment rentals.

Go to the CSP Management Apartment Search page to search for available apartments.

Individual Rentals in Downtown Ithaca

In addition to the apartment buildings described above, CSP Management also provides rental services for many different property owners in Downtown Ithaca. To see a list of addresses for CSP-managed apartments at each location, click the location name below:

Aurora Street Apartments

  • 104 N. Aurora St.
  • 110 N. Aurora St.
  • 518 N. Aurora St.

Albany Street Apartments

  • 315 S. Albany St.

Geneva Street Apartments

  • 324-326 N. Geneva St.

Buffalo Street Apartments and Offices

  • 108 W. Buffalo St.

Cayuga Street Apartments

  • 204 N. Cayuga St.
  • 411 N. Cayuga St.

State Street Apartments

  • 108 W. State St.
  • 222 E. State St.
  • 220 E. State St.
  • 218 E. State St.
  • 146 E. State St.
  • 148 E. State St.
  • 120 E. State St.

Tioga Street Offices

  • 415 N. Tioga St.

Not all rentals are currently available. You can search for available apartments on the CSP Management Apartment Search page, or use the address listed above to fill out an application.

Where is Downtown?

Ithaca’s Downtown Neighborhood is located in the center of the City of Ithaca. Downtown sits above Clinton Street and east of Albany Street; it continues north to Cascadilla St./Ave., and meets the East Hill neighborhood along Terrace Place.
The Downtown neighborhood is central to many of Ithaca’s other popular neighborhoods. The West End, Northside, Fall Creek, East Hill, and Southside neighborhoods are all within easy walking distance; although Collegetown and South Hill are both uphill from Downtown, they’re still very accessible.

Downtown Ithaca Attractions

Ithaca's State Theater on State Street near Downtown Ithaca Apartments
The State Theatre on West State Street in Downtown Ithaca

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