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Fall Creek apartments are some of the most sought-after in Ithaca — ideal for those looking to be close to the energy of Ithaca’s Downtown neighborhood while living in a quieter, more relaxed setting. Ithaca’s true small-town nature is on full display in Fall Creek. The neighborhood is characterized by quiet, tree-lined streets; cozy, historic houses with old-fashioned front porches; parks, streams, and even a waterfall. Fall Creek can feel like a completely different city from the rest of Ithaca, but it’s only a short walk away from many of the most popular neighborhoods.

Our Fall Creek Apartments in Ithaca

CSP Management provides rental services for several apartments in Fall Creek, including:

Fall Creek Apartments with porches along the sidewalk on Aurora Street
Fall Creek apartments along Aurora Street

Not all rentals are currently available. You can search for available apartments on the CSP Management Apartment Search page, or use the address listed above to fill out an application.

Where is Fall Creek?

The Fall Creek neighborhood in Ithaca is north of Downtown, at the foot of East Hill, just west of the University Avenue neighborhood. The neighborhood begins at Cascadilla St./Ave. and extends north to Fall Creek and Route 13. Cascadilla Creek forms its western boundary; to the east, it includes Linn Street, and ends at the base of the hill.
It sits across Cascadilla Creek from the Northside neighborhood, and below the Cayuga Heights neighborhood to the north.

Fall Creek Attractions

Gimme! Coffee on Cayuga Street near Fall Creek Apartments
Gimme! Coffee on Cayuga Street in Fall Creek

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