Our services include the following:

1. Tenant Placement

2. Bookkeeping Services

3. Complete Maintenance Services

4. Office Staff and Equipment

In addition to the owner, Jerry Dietz, the office staff consists of Office Manager, Melinda Alvich; Carol Ann Brust, Rental Agent/Tenant Relation, Bookkeeper/Tenant Payments; as well as an office assistant to greet people and answer the telephones.  The Office itself is equipped with a fully networked computer system using the Buildium Property Management software package in addition to Quicken and Microsoft Applications software. We have full scanning, faxing and e-mail capabilities as well as our own Facebook page.

5. Maintenance Staff

Our very experienced maintenance staff is led by our Head of Maintenance, Dave Blanton and Assistant Head of Maintenance, Jeff Randall.  Our ten year round full time employees bring years of expertise to the taking care of your property. Additional summer staff is hired according to project needs.

We handle most plumbing, electrical and other maintenance issues that arise ‘in house’. However, when city codes require that licensed individuals do the work we are pleased to have the support of fine local specialty contractors such as HSC Associates, Donohue Halverson Plumbing and Heating and Pleasant Valley Electrical Contractors and The Sparks Electric company for these services. All staff are equipped with cellular phones and drive vehicles owned and completely outfitted by CSP Management.

6. Management Fee Structure

The Rental Commission fee is (3%) of the Gross Value of a signed lease. The fee for management services is (6%) percent of the gross revenues for the property. This fee includes all of the office, bookkeeping and tenant placement services outlined above. The only exception is advertising done specifically for the property, and these would be charged to the client. For an additional, one time fee of $150.00 per- property, pictures and floor plans (if available) of the unit(s) may be added to the web site listing (up to four units, more than four units pictured would cost an additional $25.00 per-unit listed). There are no additional charges for ordinary postage, phone calls and ordinary copying services provided in the normal course of business. Charges for certified or overnight mailings are billed at our cost. Any legal services required to deal with tenant related matters (i.e. evictions or occupancy agreement breaches of contract) would be taken care of by the legal representatives for CSP Management and would be paid for by the client.

7. Maintenance Fee Structure

Manual labor such as trash removal, leaf raking etc. is charged at $55.00/hour with a minimum one hour charge.  Moderate skilled maintenance issues such as carpentry, simple plumbing/electric repair etc. is charged at $65.00/hour with a minimum one hour charge.  Any complex plumbing, heating or electrical maintenance or finish carpentry are charged at $75.00/hour.  Calls for maintenance after regular business hours (8:00am – 5:00pm – Monday – Friday), weekends and holidays is charged out at 1 1/2 times the hourly rate with a two hour minimum charge. Maintenance supplies and materials can be purchased through CSP Management accounts and would be billed at our cost plus a ten (10%) percent markup. If the client wishes to set up (or already has set up) accounts at local suppliers, CSP Management would charge supplies to these accounts and pay for them directly from the client’s account, thereby eliminating any mark-up. Any use of contractors other than CSP Management staff would be charged out at the contractor’s rate and paid out of the client’s account. There is a truck charge of $15.00 (per job).

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