Ithaca Apartments by Neighborhood

C.S.P. Management provides rental services for dozens of Ithaca apartments, in some of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. We work with landlords and property owners throughout the area to connect tenants with their ideal apartment in Ithaca. Whether you’re a student looking for a place to live off-campus, or a family looking for a quiet, kid-friendly neighborhood, we can help you find the perfect home!

There are over a dozen neighborhoods in and around Ithaca — each with their own unique character and charm. Click on the images below to learn more about each neighborhood, and to see a listing of the rentals managed by C.S.P. in each location. You can also download the C.S.P. Neighborhood Guide for an overview (with maps) of all the neighborhoods in Ithaca.

You can follow this link to submit a rental application; if you need help, you can contact C.S.P. Management.

Welcome to our neighborhood!

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