Once more November comes after a great year, and we pause to look back at the blessings we have experienced over the last year, and in our 17+ years of offering property management.

We choose to repay the kindness shown us by our support of local charitable organizations like the Aids Ride for Life, Taste of the Nation, and more, but our thanks for the blessings this year go deeper than that, into the miraculous.

The disaster that happened on Aurora Street in June that cost the life of Amanda Bush, horrific as it was could have been much worse. Tenants in the apartments above Simeon’s were either not home or in rooms not directly over the impact site. If these people had been in the wrong place, the toll could have – would have, been much greater.

Is there a hand greater than our comprehension looking over us, or is it just the luck of the moment? We don’t know, but we remain thankful in every case for the escapes that did happen, for the people who were spared injury and for those first responders who performed above and beyond to help those in need.

We are counting our blessings, and they are many.

And our wish for you is to count YOUR blessings, and to find true gratitude on this Thanksgiving day.

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