Ithaca is a very generous and community minded place, and we are fortunate to live here where the spirit of volunteerism is so vibrant. Every weekend it seems, there is another event, heartily and generously supported by the good hearted people in our county.

Just look around at all of the organizations and causes that are supported in Ithaca. The Evening to Remember, Taste of the Nation, Cancer Resource Society, Habitat for Humanity, Aids Ride for Life and a hundred others, all doing good work for causes that matter. All causes that will improve this corner of the world we inhabit.

Each of us is a steward of our space in the world. Our responsibility is to leave that space better than it was when we began our occupation of that space.

We at CSP Management want to salute all of those people who have stepped up this year to volunteer to help another person, or an organization. We want to loudly and clearly express our gratitude for the strong and vibrant spirit of volunteerism in Ithaca, and would encourage everyone to consider increasing your support for these great causes in the coming year, by your donations, your attendance or by your giving of yourself in volunteering to help those in need.

We wish you the most wonderful Holiday season.

“The Service we Provide to Others is the Rent we Pay for Our Room on Earth” Sir William Grenfel

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