Ithaca Times, September 24th, 2008

Jerry Dietz says, “Who even knew? In this town, that’s a special category. While it’s good to be the best student landlord, we try to be a good landlord to everyone. It’s nice to have this recognition. Nice that people had a good enough experience with CSP to put our name down.”

Asked how many students CSP serves, Dietz says that they don’t keep track. “The number ebbs and flows, but I’d says at least 30-35 percent of our rentals. There’s an interesting shift in student housing, with more and more willing to live right downtown. Did you know that 75 percent of our city’s housing is rental property? Whenever I hear that I’m always surprised. This is a very transient town, and there’s a big need to fill. It’s not just students.”

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